Parallax is a multifunctional Discord bot that includes many features such as an economy system, server utilites, nsfw, fun, and more!

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Why choose Parallax

99.9% Uptime

Parallax is up 24/7 with very limited downtime. If Parallax is down, the devs are immediately on the case to fix the issue.


Support for parallax is available by simply messaging Parallax without a command. The message will be forwarded to Tetra, and will respond promptly.

Server Utilities

Parallax comes bundled with an abundance of features that could help aide your staff, such as: logs, link removal, chat purging, and more!


Here are some data facts about Parallax.
0 Users Served
0 Cmds Recieved Daily
0 Msgs Processed Daily
0 Messages Sent Daily


Leveling and XP System

With parallax you can use a leveling system to allow your users to compete to be at the top of the leaderboard by being more active and chatting more to gain XP points!

Users can customize their profile background and color however they like, and make their profile look beautiful and unique!

Global Economy System

Parallax comes with a global economy system. Using the set currency, juulcats, you can use these to buy different things on a server such as ranks, background, and more!

This feature has been seen to be one of the more "popular" ones, as server members tend to gain an addiction to gaining the most juulcats.

Music Player

With Parallax, you can play music and links from various websites, such as YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and a few others.

This feature can be used for playing music to members to enjoy while playing a game, or watching/listening to a video together.

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Join our support server for help with Parallax or to chat and mess around with Parallax in our testing channels!